Lunch Entrées

Served 10-3

Entrées served with homemade bread

Baked Ziti

baked pasta with meat or marinara sauce, ricotta and provolone cheeses


Fettuccine Al’Fredo

flat noodles with our homemade creamy cheese sauce

- with chicken or shrimp:  $12.99



layers of homemade pasta, meat sauce, ricotta and other cheeses


Pasta Choice

your choice of pasta and meat or marinara sauce

- with meatballs: $11.99


Spinach Lasagna

vegetarian delight with layers of pasta, spinach, marinara and cheeses



choiice of meat or cheeese tortellini in meat or marinaar sauce


Tortellini al Tino

choice of meat or cheese tortellini in our delicous al fredo and pesto combination sauce